Musical Theater Audition Songs

Musical Theater – Soprano:

1.    “I am 16 going on 17” from The sound of Music
Character: Liesl (Teenage girl, about to become a woman, interested in boys)
Cute song about falling in love
(Medium tempo, Traditional song)

2.    “Popular” from Wicked
Character: Glinda (20-35 High Maintenance, prim, proper, Girly- Girl)
Bubbly song about a girl trying to fit in
(Uptempo, Contemporary)

3.    “Some things are meant to be” from Little Women
Characters: Beth and Jo (16-20 Sisters that love each other very much)
Sweet song/ positive view on life when things may go     wrong
(Medium tempo, Contemporary)

4.    “Much more” from The Fantasticks
Character: Luisa (15-25 Daydreamer, hopeless romantic, naïve)
Hopeful/wishful/day dreaming song
(Medium tempo, Traditional Song)

5.    “My new philosophy” from You’re a good man Charlie Brown
Character: Sally (10-35) A child’s role usually played as an adult
Has a good heart, but can get a bit of a temper if things don’t go her way. Funny, Rebellious school girl song.
(Uptempo, Contemporary)

6. ”Goodnight my someone”   from The Music Man
Characters: Marian  (20-30 The town’s librarian waiting for her Knight in shining armor) and Amaryllis (8 yr old piano student quiet, shy)
Duet between Marian and Amaryllis
Lullaby about true love
(Ballad, Traditional)

7. “Thank you for the Music”  from Mamma Mia
Characters: Sophie (18 yr old girl who has many emotions, feels confused about love and life)
Reflecting on life, love happiness
(Ballad, Contemporary)

Musical Theater – Alto

1.    “Someone like you” from Jekyll and Hyde
Character:  Lucy Harris (25-35)
Wanting to be in love, Hopeful, Determined, Nervous, afraid of falling in love but is determined to do so.
(Ballad, Contemporary)

2.    “ I cain’t say no” from Oklahoma
Character: Ado Annie (20-30) Flirty, Fun Gal, has a hard time saying no to people.
Funny, Flirty song about men and her dating experiences, how she is easily persuaded, swept off her feet.
(Uptempo, Traditional)

3.    “Welcome to the 60s” from Hairspray
Character: Tracy Turnblad (15-20) High School girl, rebellious, wants to fall in love, loves her friends and family.
Uplifting Song about overcoming challenges, obstacles, and how to have fun in life.
(Uptempo, Contemporary)

4.    “I just want to be a star” from Nunsense
Character: Sister Robert Anne (Nun 20-35).
A Fiery Nun from New Jersey who dreams what life is like outside the convent, sings about if she were an actress instead of a Nun.
(Uptempo, Traditional)

5.    “Can’t help falling in love” from All Shook up
Character: Natalie (15-20) Pretends to be a tough girl, but really sweet, innocent on inside
Song about falling in love, being totally swept off feet.
(Ballad, Contemporary)

6.    “Trolley Song” from Meet me in St. Louis
Character: Esther Smith (15-25) Young woman, going to school, making friends, takes care of her family, also has a secret crush but does not want to admit it.
Song about being totally in love, and now paying attention to anything but this one person, and how he makes her feel!
(Uptempo, Traditional)

7.    “Hopelessly Devoted to you” from Grease
Character: Sandy 15-18 Shy, sweet, innocent young woman
Overcoming heartbreak, sadness in this song
(Ballad, Traditional)

Musical Theater – Bass/Baritone

1.    “Comedy Tonight” from A Funny thing happened on the way to the forum
Character: Pseudolus (20-30) Funny Guy, enslaved by Hero, wants his freedom.
Song sung at beginning of show, welcoming audience, putting people in a good mindset.
(Uptempo, Traditional)

2.    “76 Trombones” from The Music Man
Character: Harold Hill (20-30) Jokester, Trickster, But very musical, personable
Song about bringing the community together through music
(Uptempo, Traditional)

3.    “If I were a Rich man” From Fiddler on the Roof
Character: Tevye (40-50) Father of five daughters, Jewish, Hardworker, cares for his family.
Song about how hardworking he is, what he does to provide for family, and wished for financial success.
(Medium tempo, Traditional)

4.    “I’ve never been in Love before” from Guys and Dolls
Character: Sky Masterson (20-40) Handsome, Wealthy Gambler, Cocky Attitude, loves women.
Song trying to make Sarah fall in love with him before, and that he has never experienced “true” love before, until now.
(Ballad, Traditional)

5.    “Amazing Journey” from The Who’s Tommy
Character: Adult Tommy (20) Deaf, Dumb and Blind, from traumatic events, but moved by music.
Song about trying to overcome his difficult life, family, and challenges.
(Ballad, Contemporary)

6.    “Big ass rock” from The Full Monty
Characters: Jerry (30-40) unemployed, divorced, father, but has charisma, tough guy.
Song about feeling lonely, depressed, but is humorous, but can always depend on his friends
(Ballad, Contemporary)

7.    “Magic Feet” from The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
Character: Barfee (Kid played by an adult). Geeky, Awkward Kid, Good at spelling.
Cute song about his unique way at spelling words, and why he is such a good speller, all about his special tricks.
(Medium tempo, Contemporary)


Musical Theater – Tenor

1.    “I just can’t wait to be king” from The Lion King
Character: Young Simba (10-20). Adventurous, Ambitious young boy, Playful, energetic, while being authoritative.
Song is about having fun, being free spirited and wild.
(Uptempo, contemporary)

2.    “Any dream will do” from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Character: Joseph (20-30). One of 12 sons, is the favorite, and brothers pick on him.  He has a talent for interpreting dreams, others are jealous of him.
Song is about the dreams that he has, and how they affect the people in his community, that he is an honest man, and truly has this talent to help people, not hurt.
(Ballad, Contemporary)

3.    “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha
Character: Don Quixote (30-40). A knight, but is romantic, wild imagination, has a vision for a better world.
Song is about overcoming fear, challenges, being brave, facing your enemies, even when you are weak.
(Ballad, Traditional)

4.    “Heaven on their minds” from Jesus Christ Superstar
Character: Judas (20-30). Disciple of Jesus, betrays his best friend in the end, over money, doesn’t know how to deal with his guilt, grief, very conflicted, is sarcastic.
Song is about his friendship with Jesus, how it’s been difficult/struggle, his love/hate relationship for him.
(Uptempo, Contemporary)

5.    “Purpose” from Avenue Q
Character: Princeton (puppet) 20-30. Energetic, excited about life even when it’s hard, tried to encourages his friends to do the same, tries to stay positive.
Song is about finding his “purpose” in life, even when things are not going right, is determined to succeed.
(Ballad, Contemporary)

6.    “Consider yourself” from Oliver
Character: The Artful Dodger (10-20). He is the leader of the pickpockets, sneaky, clever.
Song is sung to Oliver, introducing/accepting him to the gang of pickpockets, on their special ways, how to fit in.
(Uptempo, Traditional)

7.    “One song glory” from Rent
Character: Rodger (20-30). Struggling musician living in NYC,  who has AIDS, is lost, depressed, girlfriend also died from AIDS.
Song is about how life is short, people may not be here forever, how to be more appreciative, don’t take advantage of things/people
(Ballad, Contemporary)

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